【News】CYBERDYNE President and CEO Dr. Sankai held a conference with the Austrian State Secretary of Science Dr. Mahrer and the Austrian Minister of Health and Women’s Affairs Dr. Oberhauser
【News】Under the supervision of medical professionals, the manual for proper usage of HAL® for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type) has now been published ~ Commencement of the world’s first insured robotic treatment covered under general public health insurance ~
【News】Cleaning Robot introduced in Tokyo International Airport’s International Passenger Terminal ~ Following its implementation in the Domestic Terminal, the Cleaning Robot will expand its operation into the International Terminal open 24 hours a day ~
【News】G7 Science & Technology Ministers’ Meeting in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Visit CYBERDYNE Headquarters
【News】Kanagawa prefecture announces an improvement of the work environment with the use of HAL® for Care Support (Lumbar Type) 〜 Effective for reducing the burden on caregivers and decreasing employee turnover 〜
【News】Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to announce an explanation of the insurance points for the technical fee regarding the treatment of rare neuromuscular disease patients using HAL® 〜Worlds’ first determination of an insurance reimbursement price for treatment with Robots〜
【News】METI establishes the JIS standard for personal care robots 〜 CYBERDYNE is leading the formulation of the safety standard for the industry 〜
【News】 Combined Therapy of Spinal Cord Regeneration and HAL® for Medical Use, Leading to Functional Regeneration Treatment. ~ Collaboration with Keio University School of Medicine to deploy cutting edge medical technology within the International Strategic Zone ~
【News】Harvard Business School (HBS) has elected to include CYBERDYNE, Inc. in their case studies 〜 President and CEO Dr. Sankai is scheduled to visit and give a lecture in April 〜
【News】(Preliminary Report) Operating number of HAL® (Lumbar Type) continues to increase steadily – forecast of increasing number of operating units in the year to follow as Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare included HAL® for Care Support (Lumbar Type) in a subsidy program for welfare facilities for installation of robotic devices in tandem with growing needs for HAL® for Labor Support (Lumbar Type)
【News】 Central Social Insurance Medical Council: The insurance reimbursement price of the technical fee for the treatment using HAL for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type) was made public in the Points Table of the Medical Fee Schedule Revision Proposal
【News】HAL for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type) was included in the discussion at the Central Social Insurance Medical Council’s meeting on 「Insurance Coverage of Medical Devices」(listing scheduled for April 2016)
【News】 CYBERDYNE Inc. and Tsukuba University’s project 「HAL」 was introduced in Prime Minister Abe’s Administrative Policy Speech
【News】Tsukuba City: Cybernics International Robot Innovation Base ~ Toward the realization of “Cybernic City”, a city living together with future technology –Provisional contract for the purchase of prefecture-owned land struck with the Ibaraki Prefecture–
【News】Use of the New Market Establishment Standardization System approved ~ Leading the development of standards for restraint-type physical assistant robots for lumbar support ~
【News】The Japanese Industrial Standards Committee’s subcommittee approved the establishment of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) for personal care robots ~ Following the course of international safety standards, CYBERDYNE is leading the development of national standards ~
【News】Notice on participation in the NASDAQ INTERNATIONAL DESIGNATION program
【News】 Application for national health insurance coverage for HAL for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type) submitted to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
【News】 HAL for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type) received approval to be manufactured and sold as a medical device by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
【News】 (Preliminary Report) The Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council’s Medical Equipment and External Diagnosis Subcommittee gives consent for HAL® for Medical Use on November 10th, 2015.