In order to use HAL® more safely and effectively without anxiety.

HAL® peripherals(NON-MEDICAL)

HAL® peripherals are assistive devices with which combined use of HAL® for Lower Limb provides safer and more effective gait training.


Ensuring safety, HAL® Tread provide more active walking training.

HAL® Tread is the specially developed treadmill in order to provide effective walking exercise to the wearer of HAL® for Lower Limb. As a hanging frame to support the wearer’s trunk and a treadmill are combined, without further environmental improvement, gait training can immediately be started safely at ease.

※HAL TREAD's specifications and accessories may be changed without notice.


The purpose of HAL® Tread is to carry out safety and smooth gait training with a treadmill, by supporting the trunk of the wearer. This device is able to support the trunk of the wearer during gait training.

■Person who can use HAL®Tread

• height: lower than 190cm, weight: less than 120kg [load on snap belt: max. 120kg]
• a person who can keep a standing posture or walk holding parallel bars

external dimension :
length 2,000mm x width 900mm x height 2,300mm
weight :
approximately 120kg
power source :
AC 100V
guarantee/service :
1 year guarantee*1

* This is not a relief device. *1 The guarantee only covers defects that attribute to manufacturing. Contact CYBERDYNE Inc. with regard to other repairs and services.


In combination with HAL® for Lower Limb, safer gait training is provided.

With All-in-One, even a person who has instability in a standing posture can comfortably and safely enjoy walking without limitation of a walking area. A battery driven lifter that can instantly adjust the extent of relief is suitable for various types of people regardless of body shapes and training levels. Combined use of All-in-One with HAL® for Lower Limb (NON-MEDICAL) provides safer gait training.


external dimension :
length 1,170mm x width 650mm x height 1,500mm
weight :
55kg [excluding slings]
lift :
height of hook 150 ~190cm
limit on lifting weight :
power source :
custom battery *1

*1 One time recharging enables the device to perform lifting approximately 60 times.

HAL® peripherals brochures

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point of contact:
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