Easy labor, build the future.


Reduction in workload, lighten the heavy labor, perform existing heavy works tirelessly

HAL® for Labor Support – Lumbar Type mitigates risks for backache of workers by reducing loads on their lumbar when they lift heavy items. By wearing HAL, the workers can perform heavy works tirelessly. It is expected that the devices will be utilized for the improvement of work environment and the avoidance of labor accidents in workplaces.


Received certification of International Safety Standard

The device received Certificate of ISO13482. As the device passed the certification test that envisioned a factory environment, the wearer of it can perform a heavy work safely and tirelessly with simple operation. The device is safe as it is able to control its power so as not to exert a power to lift a heavy object which the wearer cannot lift without the assistance of the device.

HAL® assists the wearer’s motion as he/she intends

Brain signals which are sent to muscles leak on the skin surface as very faint signals, so called “bio-electric signals [BES]”. HAL reads BES and moves accordingly. In other words, HAL supports wearer’s motion by exactly moving in accordance with the wearer’s brain signals. In accordance with the variety of the work severity and the physical constitution of the wearer, the device’s assistance levels can be adjusted.

Loads on the lumbar is reduced

Scientifically verifying 1) loads on muscles, the lumbar and the intervertebral disk [collectively “the lumbar region”] in heavy works such as lifting and transferring heavy items and 2) reduction of the loads, the Company developed a function to reduce more loads on the lumbar region. It is expected that the devices with the function will be utilized in workplaces for the improvement of work environments and the avoidance of labor accidents.

Light and compact design for the use even in narrow places

As the device is battery-driven, it can be used in various places without restrictions on locations of use. Due to a lightweight [approximately 3.0㎏] of the device, the worker can work putting the device on for a long time unless the work is extremely heavy. As the devices are designed so light that female or elderly workers can wear, they will encourage participation of those various people into the society with the low birth rate and aging population.


applicable range of wearer’s height
140 – 180㎝
applicable range of wearer’s weight
40 – 80㎏
abdominal girth
less than 120cm
pelvic width
less than 39㎝
mid thigh girth
less than 80㎝
external dimension
length (depth) 276㎜ x width 456㎜ x height 509㎜
ca. 3.0㎏ (including a battery)
power source
special battery (lithium polymer battery)
drive time
ca. 3 hours
charging time
ca. 45 minutes
operating environment
0 - 30℃




HAL® Demonstration – LUMBER TYPE is a course of approximately 60 minutes, in which people can experience to wear HAL®.
Participants will receive a short lecture about HAL® and experience to wear HAL® safely. In order to have more concrete image of utilizing HAL®, they will have simulated experience of physically-challenged. By all means, experience the most advanced Robot Suit HAL® by yourself.


JPY 10,000
* Including rental of devices and a certificate of participation.

request for brochures/reference materials and inquiries

Currently no rental/leasing service for individuals is provided. When you (the viewer of this site) are interested in using the device or experiencing it, refer to the link of HAL FIT® or send the inquiry form selecting “request for brochures/reference materials” from the drop-down menu of “inquiry matters” at the bottom of this page and writing “I would like to experience/use HAL® for Care Support – Lumbar Type.”

point of contact:
CYBERDYNE Inc. Sales Department
+81 29 869 8448 [direct to Sales Department]
+81 29-855-3189 [main]
D25-1, Gakuen-Minami, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0818 Japan