The new way of cleaning


Next-gen Cleaning Robot that utilizes cutting edge technology

While lack of manpower due to aging society is becoming a primary concern on cleaning sites, Cleaning Robot CL02 ("CL02") aims to realize safe and efficient cleaning by enabling a cleaner to interactively work side by side with the robot. The robot proposes a new way of cleaning, which will lead to improvement of cleaning quality as well.
*This product is only available in Japan


Artificial intelligence to flexibly move in the areas to be cleaned

The robot is capable of cleaning without the guidance of magnetic tapes or guide wires, as it can recognize and record an interior building form and cleaning routes at high accuracy. The cleaner could choose cleaning routes of CL02 by means of preliminary route setting with "Teaching Playback" function or automatic generation of cleaning paths. This enables it to efficiently prepare for cleaning of large areas. Each setting could be easily controlled with a tablet device.

Extensive cleaning ability

CL02, with its autonomous mobility at a very high speed and strong suction power, realized extensive cleaning ability in comparison to the previous model developed by Cyberdyne. With one battery charge, the robot will cover the maximum of 3,000m2.*


*May differ subject to assigned cleaning areas and set speed.

High level of safety with 3D obstacle detection

CL02 is installed with a specially designed 3D camera. The robot can detect obstacles in its pathway in 3 dimensions so that it can safely stop temporarily.

Feedback of cleaning results from the robot to human

Upon completion of its duty, CL02 can generate a map of dust distribution. Visualization of cleaning results helps a client to make a more efficient and effective cleaning plan.


External Dimensions
Length 620mm × width 480mm × height 470mm
Approximately 64kg (including the battery weight
Operating Time
Approximately 2 hours
Coverage Areas
Maximum of 3,000m2
Dust Collecting Type
Paper pack type
Control Interface
Tablet device

*Above figures may differ subject to options and settings.


Currently, CYBERDYNE does not rent the device to individual users.
Please contact CYBERDYNE through the inquiry form, which can be accessed from the “Learn More” button or via phone.

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