HAL®’s great stride to the possibility.


The world’s first, robotic remedial device that lead to the possibility to walk

HAL®for Medical Use - Lower Limb Model [European Model] is the medical device for people who have disorders in the lower
limb and people whose legs are weakening.
*The device obtained CE Marking [CE 0197] for the first time as a robotic medical device. HAL® for Medical Use was certified its conformity to the requirements of Medical Device Directives in EU.
*CYBERDYNE Inc. received the certificate of ISO13485 (Medical Device) for the first time as a robotic medical device manufacturer.


What HAL® changes is the brain map.

Major causes of lower limb disabilities are disorders of the cerebral and nervous muscular system. In those cases, the brain cannot use ordinary neural pathways and cannot order to move the legs.
HAL® for Medical Use - Lower Limb Model moves the wearer’s legs in accordance with the wearer’s intention, “I want to walk.” or “I want to stand up.”, and enables timely feedback of the feelings, “I could walk.” or “I could stand up.”. Consequently, this accelerates the learning by the brain.
HAL® for Medical Use - Lower Limb Model is the only robotic remedial device that can teach the brain how to move the legs.

「I want to walk!」is an aspiration without hesitation.  In order to answer to it, HAL® seeks for the possibility.

HAL® for Medical Use - Lower Limb Model is applicable as a medical device in EU to patients of Musculoskeletal Ambulation Disability Symptom Complex [= MADS], who suffer from spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, cerebrovascular diseases, diseases of the brain and neuromuscular system, etc.

For persons of various body sizes, make Robot Suit flexible.

HAL® for Medical Use - Lower Limb Model that sufficiently has adjustable elements to wearers’ various constitutions can fit to their leg lengths, hip widths and foot sizes in wide ranges. With its seamless adjustment mechanism, HAL® can embrace the wearer’s body.

HAL® moves as you intend.

When a person moves the body, various signals are sent from the brain to muscles through nerves. Those Signals leak on the skin surface as “bio-electric signals [BES]”. HAL® for Medical Use - Lower Limb Model reads the wearer’s BES, accordingly compensates muscle power of lower limbs and assists him or her in walking, standing-up and sitting-down with his or her own legs.

Close to you With you

With the freely detachable controller of HAL®, the operator can manipulate all the operations, such as start/stop of assistance, alteration of settings and confirmation of motion statuses, closely watching the move of the wearer. Tailor-made assistance for individual wearers makes training with HAL® for Medical Use - Lower Limb Model more effective.



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