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HAL supports your first step


Cyborg-type robot fulfills wearer's will to stand and walk.

HAL for Well-Being Lower Limb Type Pro is a wearable robot designed for inducing the improvement of the physical function in the lower limb, for the wearer in chronic stages. Various upgrades were applied to this device, compared to its previous model, HAL for Well-Being Lower Limb Type.
*This product is only available in Japan


Synchronizes the intention and movement

When the wearer intends to move its body, the brain transmits signals to muscles. The signals leak on the skin surface as bio-electric signals (“BES”). Sensors of HAL attached to the skin surface are capable of detecting BES, realizing the intended movement of the wearer.

Promotes improvement of lower limb functions and independent living

Even for the wearer with difficulties to move his/her lower limbs due to accidents or diseases, repeated training based on BES with Hal will reinforce neuromuscular connection. Consequently he or she can expect maintenance and improvement of bodily functions and promotion of independent living.

Easy control interface to match various training needs

Starting, stopping and changing the assistance of HAL can be operated easily to match various training needs using its simple interface.

Adjustable to each individual

HAL can be flexibly adjusted to the size of each individual wearer. Not only the length of the legs but the pelvis width and the size of the foot can be adjusted too.

Monitors the status of the wearer graphically

Through the HAL Monitor that presents the content of the controlling interface in its large screen at real time, an operator could easily identify the functional status of the device. The wearer could also feedback this visual information to its training program.


*HAL monitor needs to be contracted separately from the HAL unit.


SizeS SizeM SizeL SizeX Size
Height [approximately] 150~165cm 160~175cm 170~190cm 180~200cm
Upper leg length 36~38cm 38~41cm 40~45cm 43~48cm
Lower leg length 35~38cm 37~41cm 39~45cm 42~48cm
Hip width M Size W Size
28~36cm 32~40cm
Shoe Size 23.0, 24.0, 25.0, 26.0, 27.0, 28.0, 29.0, 30.0 cm


External dimension length 430mm x width 470mm x height 1,230mm
Weight Double-leg model/approximately 14kg

Single-leg model/approximately 9kg
Movable range hip joint: extension 20˚/flexion 120˚
knee joint: extension 6˚/flexion 120˚
Weight limit 40kg~100kg
Operating time approximately 1 hour
Power source custom battery

Dimension of S size unit, on the shortest setting
Includes cuffs, sensor shoes and batteries
May differ subject to operating environments and conditions

The product is designed for the wearer who requires support due to difficulties standing, sitting and walking. As the device uses bio-electrical signal to support the movement, if bio-elecrical signal cannot be detected, the device will not support the wearer with the intended movement. In this case, the wearer may not use the device.




CYBERDYNE does not rent the product to individual users.

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