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2020-10-15 updated

【News】HAL Lower Limb Type obtained medical device approval for Australia

CYBERDYNE Inc. [Tsukuba, Ibaraki, CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai (the “Company”)] obtained a medical device approval for HAL for Medical Use Lower Limb Type (“Medical HAL”), a device designed to induce improvement of the physical function of the wearer, from Ministry of Health of Australia. Similar to the approval that the Company obtained in the U.S. and EU, the approval that the Company obtained on this occasion allows Medical HAL to be used on a wide variety of diseases such as cerebrovascular disorder, spinal cord injury, Neuromuscular disease and etc.

The Company promotes expansion of Medical HAL in the Asia Pacific, alongside its U.S. and EU market. The approval in Australia followed the approvals in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

The Company coordinates with its partners in Australia to offer Cybernics Treatment, an innovative medical technology originated in Japan, to Australia with the aim of realizing a healthy and longevity society in which all people can enjoy healthy and prosperous lives.

Reference: Registered information at Australian Government Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration

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