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2020-09-07 updated

【News】CYBERDYNE and X-ray color image sensor startup ANSeeN announces coordination

CYBERDYNE Inc. [Tsukuba, Ibaraki, CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai (the “Company”)] and ANSeeN Inc [Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, CEO: Akifumi Koike (“ANSeeN”), a venture that works on highly sensitive and high resolution X-ray image sensor, announced to form a capital tie-up (CYBERDYNE’s investment in ANSeeN) and a business alliance. At the same time, Cybernics Excellence Japan Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership (CEJ Fund) operated by CYBERDYNE’s subsidiary CEJ Capital Inc. will also make an investment to ANSeeN.

X ray color camera mounted with high resolution image sensor that could obtain color information of X ray

The Company prepared “C-Startup”, which is an ecosystem to promote innovation by providing technical advices, financial support and business support to startups with unique technologies. C-Startup was prepared to speed up formation of “Cybernics Industry” as a new industry to solve various social problems through fusion of “Human” + “Cyber/Physical Space”. ANSeeN was awarded with a prize in “C-Startup Pitch” (held on December 2019, as part of CYBERNICS EXPO 2019), which was held by the Company to gather startups and entrepreneurs with ambitions to create new industry that would solve problems of humans and society. After the event, the two companies went through multiple discussions which led to the coordination on this occasion.

Award ceremony at C-Startup Pitch: CEO Akifumi Koike stands on the left

ANSeeN is a startup that realized highly sensitive and high resolution X ray color imaging sensor by utilizing high-speed measurement technology that exploits the characteristics of photons. The sensor developed spinoff venture of University of Shizuoka is 100 times more sensitive in comparison to conventional X ray sensor and it is capable of displaying the information in color imaging (wavelength). While the image analysis with AI is being utilized for various applications, by using sensors developed by ANSeeN, the quality of the data can be improved, thereby improving the accuracy of the analysis with AI.

Through the development of Cybernics devices and Cybernics Interfaces such as Wearable Cyborg HAL, the Company works to accumulate, analyze and AI process IoH/IoT Big Data (e.g. information related to brain-nerve system, vital system, physical system, behavioral system, living system and environmental system) on a Cybernics Platform. By coordinating with ANSeeN, accuracy of IoH/IoT Big Data is expected to improve. The Company aims to promote the making more things “seen” to further develop “Cybernics Industry” that contributes to solving problems of human and society.


ANSeeN receives an price in C-Startup pitch 2019 (available in Japanese only)

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