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2020-11-16 updated

【News】announcement on developing a program for preventive care with Kanagawa prefecture

CYBERDYNE Inc. [Tsukuba, Ibaraki, CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai (the “Company”) and its subsidiary Shonan Robocare Center announced to take part in a joint research project with Kanagawa University of Human Services, Keio University and Kanagawa Cancer Center. This research project will be conducted as part of Kanagawa prefecture Future ME-BYO Interventional Cohort Research with the aim of developing preventive care program. As part of the project, the Company invites 80 participants who would like to take part in free sessions of Neuro HALFIT at Shonan Robocare Center.

Period : from November 1, 2020 to February 26, 2021
Outline: Participants will take part in ten sessions of Neuro HALFIT (two sessions per week) at free of charge. Each sessions will take about 90 min for check ups of condition, preparation, workout session and short break. Staff member guide through each program.

Eligible person
– Participant must be a resident of Kanagawa prefecture and must be able to visit Shonan Robocare Center twice per week.
– Participant must be between 65 to 85 years old
– Participant must not be certified for long term care. (those certified with support need can take part)
– Participant must score more than 6 points in locomotive syndrome check (ロコモ5) or must be below 1m per second at normal walking speed.
– Participant must be able to maintain stand position and walk on their own
– Participant must clear all the condition required for wearing HAL*

* Please check the brochure from the following link for further details.(available in Japanese only)未病改善2020.pdf