2019.04.05 update

【News】Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health agreed to commence clinical trial with Medical HAL

Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“MOH”) and CYBERDYNE’s partner in the Kingdom, Abdul Latif Jameel signed an agreement to promote global best practice in the medical field through utilization of HAL for Medical Use Lower Limb. This agreement was signed on January 2019 and based on this agreement, clinical trial and Cybernic Treatment towards Spinal Cord Injury was launched in the public medical institute owned by MOH.

(Link) Official Twitter Account of MOH (In Arabic) January 24, 2019

(Translation) MOH signed with ALJ an agreement to promote global best practices in the field of healthcare sector with the use of advanced robotic technology with Japanese company Cyberdyne. And this rehabilitation is based upon robotic technology towards treatment of spinal cord injury.