2017-07-13 updated

【News】CYBERDYNE agreed on comprehensive collaboration partnership with Ibaraki prefecture and Tsukuba city
~To realize “Cybernic City” that coexists with future technology~

CYBERDYNE,INC. (the“Company”) entered into an agreement on comprehensive collaboration partnership with Ibaraki prefecture and Tsukuba city on July 12, 2017, to realize “Cybernic City” that coexists with futuristic technology such as Cybernics*1 and also to turn Cybernic City into a field for social implementation of “Society 5.0*2”.

The Company has been working on research and development of various Cybernic systems such as the Robot Suit HAL, in order to overcome the problems caused by hyper aging society with Cybernics technology. This comprehensive collaboration partnership will allow the involved parties to promote and integrate the each process of research and development, obtaining of various certifications in major countries and regions, verification, social implementation and nurture of human resources. Involved parties will prepare for the establishment of Cybernic City as a social implementation base of innovation, of which system is appealing to entrepreneurs around the world, leading to reinforcement and acceleration of collaborative project with corporations and allowing companies in the area to promote their business in global scale.

Under the agreement, public sector and private sector will unite their efforts in order to speed up each of the endeavors towards realization of Cybernic City.

【Matters that each party agreed to collaborate comprehensively】
-nurture of human resources that will bear the next generation of science and technology
-research and development of innovative technologies such as medical devices.
-support for start-ups to create new business and industries
-various endeavors to implement cutting-edge technologies such as robotics into the society.

*1Cybernics: A new academic field that is centered around human, robots and information systems. Targeting medicine, welfare and living support fields (including labor support) as its main industries,. It fuses and combines the functions of humans, robots and information systems, realizing interactions between physical-information-vital systems. Cybernics is championed by Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai, a professor at the University of Tsukuba (he is also the President and CEO of CYBERDYNE) and the technology is thought to be one of the core technical domain that drives the movements to realize “Society 5.0”. Cybernic technology means practical application of Cybernics

*2Society 5.0: a concept of super-smart society of the future, promoted by the Japanese government. It is the fifth society after “hunter-gatherer society (Society 1.0)”, “agricultural society (Society 2.0)”, “industrial Society (Society 3.0) and “information society (Society 4.0)”. It is a new image of a society brought by science and technological innovation, where technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) will be fully implemented into the society. It was stated in the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan that Japan is going to start their endeavor ahead of other countries to realize this society. As Japan was the host of the G7 Meeting that was held in May 2016, Japanese government projected this concept to the world as the ideal future society where humans and technology coexist. As one of the major power force driving the endeavors to realize “Society 5.0”, CYBERDYNE contributed to the G7 Science and Technology Ministers’ Meeting that was held in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan as CEO Yoshiyuki Sankai presented a keynote speech as well as a speech addressing the ministers at the meeting. CYBERDYNE also hosted a group of representatives from the G7 countries to visit CYBERDYNE’s headquarters.