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2017-06-22 updated

【News】 Cybernic treatment with Medical HAL, covered by private insurance has been started in Poland
~ World’s first contract between a private insurer and a medical institution for Cybernic treatment with Medical HAL~

Constance Care Centrum Rehabilitacji (“Constance Care”), a medical institution located in Warsaw, Poland signed a contract with TUiR WARTA S.A. (“WARTA”), a major insurance company, about insurance coverage for Cybernic treatment with Medical HAL. Starting from July, 2017, Constance Care will accept patients of spinal cord injury, who hold insurance policy of WARTA to receive Cybernic treatment with the Medical HAL.

This contract is the world’s first case where a private insurance company entered into a contract with a medical institution with regards to providing insurance coverage for Cybernic treatment. In the U.S. and other countries, private insurance companies tend to be the major providers of coverage for treatment fees. As such, it is quite common for a private insurance company and a medical institution individually enter into a contract to provide insurance coverage for specified treatment measures. This case is anticipated to be a role model to further promote the introduction of Cybernic treatment with the Medical HAL, especially to countries where the treatment fee is mainly covered by private insurance.

The treatment fee covered by this private insurance scheme will be around 30,000 Euro for each patient (around 500 euro multiplied by 60 treatment sessions)* if Polish Zloty are converted to Euros. This is the same as the fees of Cybernic treatment with the Medical HAL, covered by public workers compensation insurance in Germany.

* Cost of treatment for each treatment session is 2100 Polish Zloty. 4.2 Zloty= approximately 1 euro (based on conversion rates on June 21, 2017)

Constance Care Centrum Rehabilitacji