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2015-09-29 updated

【News】Next Generation Robots Introduced to Haneda Airport Domestic Passenger Terminal! ~HAL® for Labor Support (Lumbar type), Transport Robot, and Cleaning Robot Commence Operations~

CYBERDYNE Inc. (“the Company”) will introduce its HAL® for Labor Support (Lumbar type), Transport Robot, and Cleaning Robot to Haneda Airport’s Domestic Passenger Terminal building on September 30th, 2015. Starting with this installment, the Company will continue to bring about the future of airports utilizing next generation robots that harness Cybernic technologies*. 

With the purpose of providing airport customers with high quality service that focuses on safety, reliability, and convenience, creating a healthy and work-friendly environment for airport employees, and dispatching Japan’s cutting-edge technologies from Haneda Airport – the primary entranceway into Japan, the Company and Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. (“Japan Airport Terminal”) signed a basic agreement on July 2nd, 2015 (See [News] dated 2015.07.02). The Company’s HAL® for Labor Support (Lumbar type), Transport Robot, and Cleaning Robot had undergone some pilot tests for working in Haneda Airport’s Domestic Passenger Terminal, and now the robots, ready for the next stages of implementation, will commence practical operations.

*“Cybernics (adjective: cybernic)” is the new academic field that is a fusion of various fields, namely, cybernetics, mechatronics and information technology (core areas) and robotics, brain/neuroscience, biology, behavioral science, psychology, law, ethics, and kansei science (a fusion of human, machine, and information systems). Cybernics is championed by Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai, Professor of the University of Tsukuba Graduate School and CEO of CYBERDYNE Inc. Cybernic technology is the practical application of Cybernics to technology.

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