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2015-07-02 updated

【News】Basic Agreement Signed on Next-Generation Robot Introduction in the Haneda Airport

CYBERDYNE Inc. (“the Company”) and Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. (“JAT”) are pleased to announce the signing of a basic agreement on introduction of next-generation robots in the Haneda Airport passenger terminals. Details of the agreement are as follows. 

1. Background to the Agreement

While demand for airline services continues to grow especially in the greater Tokyo area, Japan is also faced with the issues of an aging society with a lower birthrate and declining labor population. JAT has responded by considering introduction of leading-edge technology in Haneda’s passenger terminal buildings to solve labor issues.

The Company, since its founding in 2004 as a spin-off venture of the University of Tsukuba, has focused on the development of Robot Suit HAL based on Cybernic technologies*. In recent years it has created and marketed work assist robots and other products making use of these technologies.

The purposes of the basic agreement include demonstrating Japanese technology at Haneda Airport, the gateway to Japan; providing quality services to airport customers premised on safety, security, and convenience; and creating a healthy and comfortable working environment for airport employees.

Building on the basic agreement, the two companies will work hand-in-hand with related parties to make Haneda Airport a world pioneer in robot technology use in airports. JAT and the Company will create a vision for the future airport with robot technologies, while helping to make the airport an even more attractive place for travelers.

* Cybernic technologies
Cybernic technologies are practical application of outputs from the new academic field, “Cybernics”, which are a fusion of various fields, that is, cybernetics, mechatronics and information technology (core areas) and robotics, brain/neuroscience, biology, behavioral science, psychology, law, ethics, and kansei science. Cybernics is championed by Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai, Professor of Tsukuba University Graduate School and CEO of the Company.

 2. Substance of the Agreement

(1)   Robot introduction:

Several different robot products developed and manufactured by the Company will be introduced for use in the Haneda Airport terminal buildings, which JAT manages and operates. These include Robot Suit HAL for Labor Support (Lumbar Type), Cleaning Robots, and Transport Robots.

(2)    Robot sales promotion and maintenance service:

JAT will provide sales promotion and maintenance services at the airport for the robot products developed by the Company, including the above Robot Suit HAL for Labor Support (Lumbar Type), Cleaning Robots, and Transport Robots.

(3)    Creation of next-generation airport models employing robot technology:

Next-generation airport robots will be created combining the JAT knowledge and track record in the airport business with the Cybernic technologies of the Company.