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2021-09-07 updated

【News】CL02 was adopted by Kanagawa prefecture for their Robot Implementation Project ~Verification of CL02 for deployment in medical facility~

CYBERDYNE Inc. (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, President & CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai, referred to as “the Company”) announce that CL02, a robot developed by the Company for disinfection and vacuum cleaning, has been adopted by Kanagawa Prefecture for the “Robot Implementation Project for FY2021 as Countermeasure against Novel Coronavirus Infection” (from now on referred to as the “Project”). In the Project, CL02 will be operated in a medical facility to verify its effect and safety within that environment.

Disinfection Cleaning Robot CL02 CL02 riding on elevators automatically
Due to the spread of COVID-19, medical staff and all other hospital employees are working under an excess burden. Therefore, Kanagawa prefecture determined to host the Project to adopt robotic technology to achieve work style with minimal contact with others and reduce stress in the medical field. As a result of the public offering, Kanagawa prefecture adopted the Company’s for the Project and eight other proposals.
In this Project, the Company will install CL02 on a trial basis to the Shonan Kamakura General Hospital of Okinawa Tokushukai Medical Corporation for the cleaning operations in the common areas. Due to the nature of the Project, the Company can receive support for part of the necessary expenses, such as coordination between the medical facility and the proposing company for the implementation of the introduction demonstration, transportation costs of the robot, and insurance coverage costs. The Project will start sequentially in October this year, and the prefecture schedules to complete all proposed verification projects by the end of March 2022.

At the Shonan Kamakura General Hospital, cleaning common areas has traditionally been performed during the daytime when patients are present, making it difficult to achieve adequate cleaning. In addition, the contact between cleaning staff from outside and patients increased the risk of infection for both parties. In this implementation project, the person in charge only needs to activate the CL02 to enable cleaning during nighttime hours. In addition to lowering the risk of infection by performing cleaning work without contact, the robot can clean every corner of the relevant area.
Through this project, The Company will work with related parties to create a manual for the operation of CL02 within a medical facility. In addition, the Company will also obtain verification results on the effect of CL02 so that it can accelerate the dissemination of the technology towards the medical field.

■ About CL02
CL02 is a next-generation cleaning robot developed by CYBERDYNE. The Company installs the technology in airports, large commercial facilities, office buildings, and city halls to automate vacuum cleaning. CL02 is equipped with a high-performance laser, a 3D camera developed in-house, and an AI processing engine that automatically generates maps and recognizes the environment. Due to these types of equipment, CL02 can safely and diversely drive autonomously at high speed (set at a maximum speed of 4km/h) while cleaning a vast area (up to 3000 square meters on a single charge). In addition, by installing the optional elevator interface unit, CL02 can ride on an elevator on its own to clean multiple floors.
In addition, the Company prepared a disinfection unit as an extended function of CL02 for the post-corona society. The sprayer will accurately spray the disinfection agent to the area that needs to be clean, and the UV ray set on the bottom of CL02 will disinfect floors without face-to-face contact, making disinfection work safe. In addition, CL02 can generate work reports, visualized disinfection routes, and waste distribution maps for managers working remotely via the Cycles app, which works together with the Cyberdyne Cloud System. By coordinating the advanced functions of CL02 with the Cyberdyne Cloud System, the Company realized high usability and various data linkages in the workspace.

▶︎Introduction movie to CL02:

■ News release on the Project by Kanagawa prefecture


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