2018.11.29 【AIG Insurance】 AIG General Insurance released a video on testimonials from the participants of Mobility Improvement Program
2018.11.06 【CNN】 CEO Sankai and HAL were featured in CNN’s Great Big Story
2018.11.05 【BBC Click】 HAL and HAL Training at CYBERDYNE STUDIO were featured in BBC Click
2018.08.22 【Mouser Electronics】 Mouser released a video featuring Cyberdyne as part of “Empowering Innovation Together” program
2018.07.19 【The Japan News】 HAL Lumbar Type for Labor Support used in relief
2018.07.18 【NHK World】 Yoshiyuki Sankai participated in Japan-France Startup Evening at France
2018.06.13 【HP of the Prime Minister of Japan and his Cabinet etc. 】 Photos and videos of HAL, exhibited in St Petersburg and Ulyanovsk, Russia
2018.06.08 【Deutsche Bank】 Deutsche Bank released “Enabling independent lives with Cyberdyne” as part of its PositiveImpact campaign
2018.06.05 【KOMO NEWS】 Clinical research of Medical HAL in Seattle Swedish Medical Center was featured
2018.04.04 【Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun】 Introduction of cleaning robot and medical robot. “Next maybe robot for agriculture” (CEO of CYBERDYNE, INC.)
2018.04.03 【US Inside Edition】 Treatment with Medical HAL in Brooks Cybernic Treatment Center featured in a TV program
2017.03.21 【Agence France-Presse (AFP)】 Leaders of Germany and Japan visits CYBERDYNE’s HAL booth at CeBIT (Japanese Article Only)
2016.12.08 【Nature】 Sponsor feature by CYBERDYNE, “New medical technology: Cybernic treatment as a functional regenerative treatment” is posted in the Nature Journal (Volume 540, Dec. 8)
2016.10.18 【NHK World】 CEO Sankai appears on an interview program『Direct Talk』
2016.06.22 【Intel】 Intel starts a promotion campaign featuring HAL®
2016.05.09 【Prime Minister's Office of Japan - YouTube】 The Prime Minister’s Office of Japan internationally broadcasts HAL®-themed TV commercial
2016.01.20 【Intel】 Intel introduces HAL in their “AMAZING EXPERIENCES OUTSIDE” campaign
2016.01.04 【Nasdaq International Designation】 CYBERDYNE’s Introductory Movie is currently being broadcast on The NASDAQ Tower and Thomson Reuters Building in Times Square, New York
2015.11.30 【Wall Street Journal】 Graying Japan Tries to Embrace the Golden Years (2015/11/30 News)
2015.10.02 【Cyberdyne Care Robotics】 Our German Subsidiary Cyberdyne Care Robotics GmbH’s English Website Has Launched