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2021-01-13 updated

【Media】YouTuber Yusuke Terada release a new video on HAL

Yusuke Terada is a YouTuber from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture with a unique experience of being a wheelchair comedian/host at a male host club/hiker.
He was born with a disability due to cerebral palsy, but when he met a wheelchair at the age of 20, he broadened his horizons and became as positive as if he had jumped into a “a pumpkin carriage”.
During his time in the university in UK, he was deeply impressed by comedians who are not afraid to make fun of their own disabilities, inspiring him to become a wheelchair comedian and a wheelchair host at a male host club after returning to Japan. In August 2018, Yusuke and his wife Mayumi set up a YouTube channel “Teradake-TV”  to provide information on disabilities, barrier-free environments, minorities and diversity through various YouTube projects and interviews with people with disabilities.

Yusuke Terada’s profile (available in Japanese only)

Yusuke visited Tsukuba Robocare Center and posted a video of him trying out the HAL technology. His future updates related to HAL will also be posted on this page.

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