HAL® assists your first step.


HAL®, the robot for autonomous motion assistance, answers to the
thoughts “I want to stand up!” or “I want to walk.”

•HAL® for Living Support - Lower Limb received the world’s first ISO13482 certificate. Conforming to the unique international standards
concerning safety of personal care robots, the robot can be used safely as a welfare device in Japan.


You stand up and start walking. With your own legs? Of course!

When a person moves its body, the brain sends various signals to muscles via nerves. At that time, the signals leak out on the skin surface as BES.
HAL® for Living Support – Lower Limb Type Model reads a wearer’s BES and reinforce the lower limb’s muscle power accordingly. Consequently Robot Suit® assists the wearer to walk, stand up and sit down by himself or herself.

HAL® can be controlled in line with a level of training.

As HAL® for Living Support – Lower Limb Type Model is equipped with simple interfaces, an operator can easily carry out operations of start/stop of assistance, alteration of settings and so on.

HAL® can be adjusted to individual body sizes.

HAL® for Living Support – Lower Limb Type Model sufficiently has adjustable elements to wearers’ various constitutions so that Robot Suit® can fit to their leg lengths, hip widths, foot sizes, etc. in wide ranges.

HAL® moves as you intend.

HAL® for Living Support – Lower Limb Type Model reads a wearer’s BES and controls its power units. Therefore, it is able to perform assistance in alignment with the wearer’s “will” and consequently gives the vivid feeling, “I could move my legs by myself!” to the wearer.

You ensure your status with your eyes.

HAL® for Living Support – Lower Limb Type Model controls management of individual settings, start/stop of assistance, and confirmation of its machine body’s motion statuses with its installed custom application software. Not only the operator but also the wearer can intuitively understand the training status with information indicated on the monitor display.


color: pearl white


external dimension: length 469mm x width 512mm x height 1,102mm*1
weight: Double-leg model/approximately 12kg, Single-leg model/approximately 7kg*2
movable range: hip joint: extension 20˚/flexion 120˚ | knee joint: extension 6˚/flexion 120˚
body weight limit: lower than 80kg
operating hours: approximately 60 minutes ~ 90 minutes [in normal operation]*3
power source: custom battery [lithium polymer]
accessories: belt for fastening, hip supporter, pad, sensor cable, electrode cable, leg cuff, custom shoe, leg module, custom PC, cover for battery connector, custom battery charger, maintenance tool*4

*1 the shortest of a size M link
*2 excluding the battery
*3 might change subject to operation statuses and operation environments
*4 might be altered without prior notice


About rental service

Flow of procedures before installment

  • request

    Send us the following form or call us by phone.

  • visit

    Sales staff visits your institution and gives detailed explanation.

  • demonstration

    Upon request of your institution who understands the outline of HAL® and ready to consider installation of HAL® CYBERDYNE Inc. conducts demonstration.

  • agreement

    Sign up an agreement.

  • delivery

    On the occasion of delivery, CYBERDYNE Inc. conduct a training course for safe use of HAL®. Participants who have finished the course are given the certificate of that.

Rental fees


Concerning the rental agreement:

Currently rental contracts can only be closed in Japan. Application form may directly be sent to CYBERDYNE Inc. directly or via sales agents in Japan. Rental period can be set from 6 months to 5 years.

■Contracting party

Currently rental agreements have only been closed with institutions such as hospitals and care houses. No contracts with individuals have been closed currently.

■Technical support

CYBERDYNE Inc. as the manufacturer and marketer of HAL® directly provides technical support for installation and maintenance. In addition, using the attached PC, remote supporting service is provided via internet. By this means, user institutions can receive repair and maintenance supports on line.

■Training for safe use of HAL®:

Before start using HAL®, personnel who are involved in training with HAL® should participate in training for safe use of HAL® given by lecturers designated by CYBERDYNE Inc. Those people who finished the course are users of HAL® system, who can safely operate HAL® and assist patients in wearing it and moving with it.

Installation cases of HAL® for living support- Lower Limb Model [brochure]

[PDF Download (5,748KB)]


Currently, neither of HAL® model is rented/leased/sold to individuals. If you would like to have the training with HAL® or to experience it, refer to the link of HAL FIT® or send the inquiry form selecting “leasing of HAL®/details of other products” from the drop-down menu of “inquiry matters” and writing “I would like to have the training with HAL® or experience it.” in the column of “content of inquiry”. Contact the following address directly or send the attached request or inquiry form.

point of contact:
CYBERDYNE Inc. Sales Department
+81 29 869 8448 [direct to Sales Department]
+81 29-855-3189 [main]
2-2-1, Gakuen-Minami, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, 305-0818, Japan

*Currently brochures are only available for medical institutions and welfare organizations. Viewer’s understanding is appreciated.