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Shareholder referral scheme

To bring the joy to move freely to many people as possible, we have launched a new shareholder referral system. Please take this opportunity to introduce Neuro HALFIT to your family and friends interested in using the program at home.

Outline of the scheme

The Company will send the shareholder who referred the person a gift card equivalent to 10,000 yen if the person referred by the shareholder uses this system and signs up for the 3-month course of Neuro HALFIT at Home. The customers referred by the shareholders will also receive a 10,000 yen discount for their signed-up program.
This program applies to contracts concluded between June 1, 2021, and May 31, 2022.

・This scheme is for Course A (Neuro HALFIT at Home for 3 months)

・This scheme can be used by all shareholders with more than one share unit (100 shares)

・You can refer any person

・You can refer as many times as you wish

・ This scheme cannot be used in combination with the Shareholders’ Benefit

※Please note that shareholders who are not listed or recorded in the Company’s shareholder registry as of the end of March each year cannot register a person for a referral.

Flow of use

Course A: Neuro HALFIT at Home (3 months)

This program can be used at home. By enabling daily and intensive use of HAL, independence, and quality of life can be improved. The Shareholders’ benefits scheme is available for either HAL Lumbar hip type or one HAL Single Joint Type only. For more information, please click on the following link

HAL Lumbar Type

3 Months Rental price: ¥158,400 (without shareholder benefit) *Fees for shipping and electrode applies separately

HAL Lumbar Type can assist the trunk and lower limbs of people with weak legs and feet. By repeating stand and sit movements with HAL, the wearer can expect improved gait and excretion function.

HAL Single Joint Type

3 Months Rental price: ¥191,400 (without shareholder benefit) *Fees for shipping and electrode applies separately. It will not include optional parts

HAL Single Joint Type supports people with paralysis after illness by supporting an intensive movement of the elbow, knee, and ankle joints.

【Terms and conditions】 Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Only the shareholders’ who agree to these terms and conditions can register a person for a referral. About the Shareholder Referral Scheme ・This program is for individual shareholders who hold at least one unit (100 shares) of CYBERDYNE stock and are recorded in the shareholder registry of CYBERDYNE Inc. (the “Company”) as of March 31, 2021 (Wednesday). It is also a program for customers who are referred by such shareholders to use Neuro HALFIT at Home (3 months) (the “Users”). ・When the referred customer signs up for Neuro HALFIT at Home (3 months) using this scheme, the Company will send the shareholder who introduced the user a gift card worth 10,000 yen. The Company will also provide Neuro HALFIT at home (3 months) to the referred customer at a discounted price of 10,000 yen. Terms and conditions of this program The following are the conditions of application for this program. (1) The referred customer must sign up for Neuro HALFIT at home (3 months) through CYBERDYNE online store by May 31, 2022 (Thursday). (2) The referred customer must be someone who has never used the Neuro HALFIT at Home in the past. ・After the registration, the Company will check the eligibility of the applied shareholder. The Company shall notify the applied shareholder if they are not eligible for the program. ・If the referred customer cancels the Neuro HALFIT at Home (3 months) early, this scheme will not come into effect, and the Company will not send out the benefits. Please refer to Article 22 Paragraph 2 for further details. Sending of benefits The benefits will be sent to the shareholder after the Neuro HALFIT at Home (3 months) contract is complete. Steps for the application (1) Please fill out the registration form on the Shareholder Referral Program page. Please check and approve the terms and conditions and ensure all the entered information is correct before finishing the application. Once the registration is complete, we will send an e-mail to the applied shareholder to inform them that the application is complete. A referral coupon code will be stated in that e-mail. (2) Please forward the e-mail to the referred customer (user of “Neuro HALFIT at home (3 months)”). (3) the Referred customer will access the Neuro HALFIT at Home (3 months) at CYBERDYNE Online Store ( On that page, please enter the referral coupon code stated in the e-mail forwarded in (2) and complete the application. Other precautions ・Please note that the discount under the referral scheme cannot be used in combination with shareholder benefits or various campaigns. ・A shareholder can use the referral scheme without limit of numbers so long as the shareholder registers different individuals as referred customers. ・The referral scheme is valid only once per customer. The customer will only receive the benefit if it is their first time signing up for Neuro HALFIT at Home ・If the shareholder registers multiple referrals, they must complete the registration of each referral. ・The Company will not respond to any inquiries from shareholders regarding the transaction with the referred customers. ・The Company will not be held responsible for any damage or trouble between shareholders or referred customers connected with this scheme. ・The terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. ・This scheme is subject to change, suspension or termination without prior notice. ・If the shareholder is not yet registered for the shareholders’ e-mail list, they will be registered after completing the application for the scheme


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