2015.04.09 update

【News】 Announced research results of “Robot Suit HAL Master and Self-propelled Double Arm Robot”- Fukushima Prefecture’s Subsidy Program

CYBERDYNE Inc. (“the Company”) announced the results of“Research and Development of Remote Control Interface (Robot Suit HAL Master) and Self-propelled Double Arm Robot”, which were selected for Fukushima Prefecture’s “Industrial Integration of Disaster Response Robots Subsidy Program*”. (See [News] dated 2014.08.27.)

 *This program has been implemented to accelerate recovery of Fukushima Prefectures municipalities damaged by the nuclear plant accident caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

 When natural disasters occur, introduction of remote controlled systems is required in order to take emergency measures and recover infrastructures promptly securing operators‘ safety. For that purpose cooperativeness with other devices, operability, workability and work efficiency are important for remote controlled systems. In order to satisfy them, the Company established technologies concerning the following three points.

 1. development of Remote Control Interface (HAL Master) , an an application of Robot Suit HAL, which can give sensational feed-back to an operator

2. development of a visual feed-back system that appropriately conveys information to an operator in a distant place and assists his/her operation

3. development of Self-propelled Double Arm Robot equipped with work hands for delicate works in association with disaster recovery.

 The Company will combine systems and proceed a study for practical application through verification, evaluation and on-site verification.