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2015-01-26 updated

【News】 Investment to Rapyuta Robotics

CYBERDYNE Inc. (“the Company”) announced that it invested into Rapyuta Robotics (“Rapyuta”), by participating in a consortium for a third party allotment JPY 351 million with Fuji Creative Corporation, V Cube and a fund managed by SBI Investment.

 Rapyuta is a university venture that spun off Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (“ETH Zürich”) (means Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) has a technology of stability control of drones, a key to practical application of them to a drone market.

 For further expansion of a robot market, reduction of machine prices and weights is a key issue and cloud robotics are notable solutions to it. Cloud robotics makes it possible to control lightweight robots at a lower cost for various AI services utilizing cloud’s tremendous processing ability and storage.

Application of cloud robotics to drones will enlarge the horizon of them, for instance, monitoring buildings, disaster places, and medical/nursing sites in line with betterment of their performance. Other functions to be added to drones are collection of information and transportation of materials.

The Company is going to promote practical application of those devices with cloud robotics to monitoring buildings, disaster places and medical/nursing sites.

For example, in the nuclear accident place where the human cannot enter into, an appropriately controlled drone will collect necessary information. Based on the information, an operator can operate a robot for various works on various sites from a distant place, using a remote-controlled HAL (master-slave type).

 The Company considers possibilities of assistance to Rapyuta in terms of technology development, international certifications, synergy effect of combined use of both companies’ products, and growth/ strengthening of the venture.

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