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2014-11-10 updated

【News】Herbert Lauterbach Award 2014 to Bergmannsheil Bochum for HAL- exoskeleton research

For their research on neuro-robotic gait training Dr. Mirko Aach and Oliver Cruciger received the Herbert Lauterbach award 2014 by the hospital group of the Statutory Accident Insurance.

 In an interdisciplinary pilot study the two surgeons of the BG University Hospital Bergmannsheil Bochum were able to prove that so-called Exoskeleton systems can help with the rehabilitation of paraplegics.

 Prof. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer , Medical Director and Head of Surgery in Bochum : ” The study results are clear : regular training with HAL Exoskeleton system increases mobility , intensified muscle growth and promotes the nervous system of spinal cord injured patients . “

 Developed in Japan exoskeleton HAL ( Hybrid Assistive Limb) is a lightweight robot suit, which stabilizes the body and is controlled by nerve impulses of the patient.

 After HAL was tested systematically in Bochum for the first time in Europe, by now rehabilitation centres of BG-clinics in Berlin, Frankfurt and Halle are trying out the robot suit as well.

 “The BG-clinics are an innovation driver for the rehabilitation of severely injured persons in Germany”, said Reinhard Nieper , managing director of the hospital group of the statutory accident insurance. “We already use technology which is still a long way off for a good many others.”

 Each year the Herbert Lauterbach Award honors outstanding academic perfomances in the research area of acute care and rehabilitation medicine. The focus is on topics that are important for the medical care of insured persons of the Statutory Accident Insurance, such as serious injury accidents at work.

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