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2021-12-20 updated

【News】 HAL Lumbar Type introduced to professional rugby team Shizuoka Bluerevs

CYBERDYNE Inc. (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan; President & CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai; from now on referred to as “the Company”) has signed an official supplier agreement with the SHIZUOKA BLUEREVS Co., LTD (Iwata, Shizuoka, President: Takashi Yamaya; “Bluerevs”) a member of Japan Rugby League One Division One. As a result, Bluerevs will introduce MTX Neuro HAL Plus, which utilizes the Wearable Cyborg HAL to improve rugby competition performance.

On December 17, 2021, Bluerevs hosted a press conference and public demonstration at Yamaha Motor Okubo Ground (Iwata, Shizuoka), where Bluerevs SH Yuki Yatomi and WTB Chikara Ito practiced wearing the HAL Lumbar Type. Both athletes were surprised to see the difference in their performance after using HAL and felt their performance improved.

Twitter account of Shizuoka Bluerevs

Article of Shizuoka Shimbun, 18 December 2021 (Available in Japanese)

The Company is developing the MTX Neuro HAL Plus, which utilizes Wearable Cyborg HAL as a program for athletes designed to improve the performance of the brain-nerve-musculoskeletal systems. This program helps athletes understand the optimal timing of muscle contraction, relaxation and to adjust their body balance. Shizuoka Bluerevs became the first professional rugby team to adopt HAL and MTX Neuro HAL Plus in their training. Top athletes from basketball, baseball, tennis, and other sports have practiced this program. We aim to develop a new exercise menu optimized for the rugby game by using it on the field of the top rugby team, a world-class sport.

MTX Neuro HAL Plus
MTX Neuro HAL Plus is a program for athletes designed to improve the performance of the brain and nerve systems. To raise the level of performance in sports, one should train their muscles and train their brain-nerve systems. By accurately using the muscles they wish to use and relaxing muscles that they don’t use, one can have ultimate command over the movement of their body. Also, by training to switch it faster, one can improve their agility. MTX Neuro HAL Plus utilizes cutting-edge Cybernics technology such as the world’s first Wearable Cyborg HAL to effectively enhance the performance of the brain-nerve system, which is challenging to train with conventional sports training methods.
Many athletes, such as baseball player Kenta Maeda and Ena Shibahara, who have won 3 WTA tennis tours, have adopted Neuro HAL Plus in their training.
The Company plans to introduce MTX Neuro HAL Plus to sports facilities and teams worldwide to improve their sports performance.