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2021-06-04 updated

【News】 HAL at Home, 29,800-yen trial campaign for the first month
~ Supports functional recovery from disease/injuries and prevents frailty in the elderly~

CYBERDYNE Inc. (“the Company”) announced a trial campaign for “HAL at Home,” a service that enables the user to use the world’s first Wearable Cyborg HAL at their own houses. The campaign allows the user to sign up for the program under the trial price of 29,800 Japanese yen for their first month if they sign up within June 1, 2021, to June 30, 2021.

As many are still unfamiliar with HAL, some customers requested to try HAL first to see if the technology suits them and can be used safely. In response to these voices, we started the campaign so new customers can try the program for 29,800 yen in their first month (including tax, shipping, and one month of electrodes). It is an excellent opportunity for those who struggle with the decline of physical functions to try the program during the rainy season because the rain makes it difficult to go outside. HAL at Home will be an effective program to support your workout session at your own house.

■ Outline of the campaign
• This campaign is for individual customers who rent the product through Cyberdyne Store
• Please note that corporate customers are not eligible for this campaign
• The campaign price will apply only for first-time use
• This campaign is only for the HAL Lumbar Type, and it does not apply to the rental of Single Joint Type.

■ Campaign period: From June 1 (Tue) 2021 to June 30 (Wed) 2021

■ Please check the details of the campaign and terms and condition at the following page. (available in Japanese only)
*For shareholders planning to use their shareholders’ benefit, we advise you to use the benefit after using the campaign.

■ About HAL at Home
Neuro HALFIT at Home is a new program that enables individuals to induce improvement of the brain, nerve, and musculoskeletal functions by utilizing the world’s first Wearable Cyborg HAL on daily basis. Even for people who have difficulty standing, sitting, walking, or moving their arms on their own due to a decline in physical function from aging, diseases, or injuries, etc., HAL supports the intended motion of the wearer. Neuro HALFIT at Home is served as a full online support service connected with the cloud.
Please see the Company online store for further details on the service)

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