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2021-04-30 updated

【News】Opening of RoboFit as the first Cybernics Treatment Center in Australia

CYBERDYNE Inc. (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai; from now on referred to as “the Company”) announced the opening of RoboFit as the first Cybernics Treatment Center in Australia. The operator of RoboFit is a company called Vigor Technologies Pty Ltd (“Vigor Technologies”), which is acting as Cyberdyne’s partner for Australia. The RoboFit Director Maryanne Harris established the first RoboFit in Wollongong, close to Sydney, New South Wales.

About RoboFit
RoboFit is a new rehabilitation facility operated by husband-and-wife duo Maryanne Harris and Daniel Hillyer.
After experiencing a balcony collapse in 2010, Daniel lost his motor and sensory function. He was diagnosed with quadriplegia. After undergoing various rehabilitation, Daniel and his wife, Maryanne, came across an article about HAL. Husband-wife-duo traveled to Tsukuba, Japan, in 2013 to try the technology. After a three-week session of training with HAL, Daniel’s walking speed nearly tripled compared to his first day. Daniel also experienced an improvement in his posture, balance, bladder, and bowel function. The husband-wife-duo opened RoboFit to bring the life-changing technology of HAL to Australia. RoboFit will also act as a demonstration site for Australian and New Zealand professionals interested in adopting this new technology.

Comment of RoboFit Director Maryanne Harris
“After an eight-year long journey, we’re pleased to have opened Australia’s first CYBERDYNE-certified rehabilitation clinic, and look forward to bringing RoboFit to more locations soon to fast-track other individual’s rehabilitation process.”

Comment of Co-Pilot Daniel Hillyer
“CYBERDYNE’s technology means the world to me; to see the benefits and improvements, not only in having the ability to walk, but also other health benefits have given me back control of my life.”
RoboFit will provide a range of services targeted at those living with neurological or musculoskeletal conditions such as Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Muscular Dystrophy. The facility will contribute to growing independent from the need for care and improving the quality of life. The Company will work with its partner Vigor Technologies to establish RoboFit throughout Australia and introduce the technology to major hospitals in each region. By disseminating Japan-originated Cybernics Treatment, the Company would contribute to a healthy-longevity society where all people could benefit from a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

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