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2021-02-22 updated

【News】CYBERDYNE Invests in World Life Mapping
~Developer of a New Generation of AI-Based Mental Healthcare Systems~

CYBERDYNE Inc.(Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan; President: Yoshiyuki Sankai, the “Company”) has invested in World Life Mapping (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan; President: Akira Shimoda, “WLM”), a venture developing a new generation of AI-based mental healthcare systems.

WLM develops a system that estimates each individual’s mental state and automatically presents the most appropriate advice to maintain and improve mental health. WLM also creates a system that supports establishing human relationships by enabling its users to confide their worries and true feelings easily, thus becoming more connected to each other. Through these products, WLM works to maintain a high level of psychological safety in workplaces and schools, stabilizing and improving people’s mental health.
(Comment by CEO Sankai, President of CYBERDYNE)
Mr. Shimoda, the president of WLM, is a student entrepreneur who aims to develop and provide systems and services to improve people’s mental health. He has the vision to eliminate people suffering from loneliness. Mr. Shimoda is perseverant and sincere. With his personality to confront humanity’s mental issues, I expect him to become a great leader in the mental health field.
WLM’s efforts are in line with Cyberdyne’s work in the new field of Cybernics (a fusion of people, AI Robots, and information systems) and its vision of a Techno-peer Support Society where people and technology coexist and mutually support each other. We believe that this project is meaningful from the perspective of fostering challengers and expanding the field of Cybernics. As such, we have decided to provide various types of support, including funding. The challenge of WLM to eliminate people suffering from loneliness will become increasingly important in society after COVID-19, which has made it difficult for people to meet face to face with others.

WLM HP (Available in Japanese):