2019.09.04 update

【Media】Introduction of HAL to Hospital Universiti Sians Malaysia

Malaysias largest circulating newspaper, Harian Metro reported that Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM Hospital) is scheduling to adopt CYBERDYNE’s HAL System on the article published on August 30, 2019.

Full Article (in Malay)

1. USM Hospital became the first university hospital in Malaysia to adopt CYBERDYNE’S HAL System.
2. Malaysian Social Security Organization (SOCSO) played a major role in this adoption.
3. Members from the SOCSO Rehabilitation Center was sent to USM Hospital to provide Safety Operation Training on the HAL system to the medical professionals of USM Hospital.
4. Dr. Muhammad Azman Aziz (CEO of SOCSO) told the media that USM Hospital plans to adopt 6 units of HAL for starters, and may decide to adopt more units later on.
5. SOCSO and Universiti Sains Malaysia is also discussing to implement the HAL Systems to another medical facility in the state of Penang.