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2021-08-31 updated

【IR News】Notice regarding the acquisition of C2, developer of smartphone app “JUKUSUI”

To expand business towards the healthcare field, the Board of Directors of CYBERDYNE Inc. (the “Company”) approved the resolution to acquire the entire share of C2, Inc (“C2”), a company known for the development of the smartphone app “JUKUSUI” that supports sleep management of its users. Accordingly, the Company signed the contract to acquire C2 shares, and CYBERDYNE now possesses all shares of C2. Furthermore, due to the event, C2 will become a subsidiary of the Company.

1. The objective of the acquisition
C2 is a company known for the development of a healthcare app for smartphones. JUKUSUI, developed by C2, now has over 3.2 million downloads, ranking the app as one of the most successful healthcare apps in the country. Three hundred thousand active users per month use the app, and there are over 75 million accumulated data about how people sleep.
In addition to Wearable Cyborg HAL, CYBERDYNE also develops small vital sensors to prevent or detect early disease symptoms. The Company is applying further development to this product to expand its functions. By adding C2 into the Company group, the Company aims to link CYBERDYNE’s devices with the healthcare app developed by C2. The Company decided to acquire C2 as its user basis set through JUKUSUI could accelerate the healthcare business of the Company group and contribute to improving its corporate value.

2. Outline of changes subsidiaries

3. Outline of the counterparty of the acquisition
The information is not disclosed due to the intention of the counterparty. There is no capital, personal, or business relationships to be noted between the Company and the counterparty.

4. Number of shares to be acquired, acquisition price, and status of shares held before and after the acquisition

5. Schedule

6. Prospect
As a result of this acquisition, C2 will become a consolidated subsidiary of the Company from the consolidated six months ending September 30, 2021. The impact of this acquisition on the Company’s consolidated business performance towards the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, is currently under scrutiny and will be disclosed as soon as there is a need to do so.

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