ROBO CARE is a service that provides the motivating and comfortable training courses, for instance Robot Fitness “HAL FIT®”*1 as a main training course, for enhancing health of local people.

*1 Fitness training that uses Robot Suit HAL®

About the training


The professional staff of training with Robot Suit HAL®, that is, nurses, sport trainers and so on prepare training programs suitable for each participant and the participant does effective exercises pleasantly in order to enlarge motion range

■Rehab-specialized day-service business

Day-service business covered by nursing-care insurance will be started, based in Suzuka Robo Care Center.
Using Robot Suit HAL® FOR LIVING SUPPORT (LOWER LIMB TYPE) NON-MEDICAL and other advanced devices, each Robo Care Center aims at becoming a unprecedented rehab-specialized day-service facility.


Training programs, fee schedules and booking procedures differ in facilities.
With respect to details see information on each facility.